Return & Refund Policy

All sales are FINAL and we do not accept any returns or refunds.


“ I received my package and the jewelry/accessories are not what I expected it to be”

We photograph all of our photos on a plain white backdrop to get a very accurate look of the jewelry/accessories. We also measure all of our jewelry to ensure that clients know exactly what dimensions the jewelry is going to be before ordering it. Lastly, we are constantly posting Facebook & Instagram video stories of the jewelry/accessories, so clients can see the shine and jewelry super close up. Refunds & returns will not be accepted for this.


“I opened my jewelry and some pieces are broken but the broken hooks/links/stones are still in the package”

We quality check all of our pieces and pack them with extra care (bubble wrap, tissue paper etc) to ensure that the pieces stay safe. Jewelry is delicate, and sometimes we encounter broken pieces when we receive our own shipments. Usually when the pieces are broken but still in the package that means the parcel wasn’t handled with care while it was in transit, but the jewelry should be easy to fix. In this case, where the broken pieces are still in the package contact us at and we will instruct you on how to fix the jewelry. Refunds & returns will not be accepted for this as the items are fixable.


“The jewelry is broken & not fixable at all”

In the event that your package arrives to you with broken jewelry/ accessories that is not easily fixable or fixable at all, you will need to send us a clear photograph proof of the broken item/items WITHIN 72 hours so that we can reimburse you with a credit the same value of your broken item or ship you a replacement if available. Any photograph proof sent after 72 hours will be dismissed and no credit or replacement will be issued.